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I am happily afflicted with that mysterious hobby of wargaming. This site is a reflection of that affliction. Have a look around and enjoy ... and perhaps even be a little inspired. There sure are worse ways to spend your leisure time. And I’m hardly biased at all!

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5 June 2018

The Military Obstacles section has been augmented with the addition of several further structures. All worthy of fighting over.

Various other tweaks, additions and corrections of a less significant nature elsewhere ... as is usual!



21 May 2018

And now with hardly any delay at all the Military Obstacles section is also open for business with actual - if recycled - content. The village of vonPetersdorf is on display along with its optional suburb.

Fraulien von Peter herself was good enough to go on a days outing abandoning the poor von Peter himself like so much chaff! Excellent!! Once certain domestic duties were accounted for, eg. walking the dog, other more cerebral undertakings were on offer. Amongst those chosen was a photo session the results of which can be seen in the Reserve Cavalry section at the bottom of the Napoleonic Austrian page and the finally procured image of the Prussian Fusiliers in their current form on the Napoleonic Prussian page.


27 December 2018

With the arrival of General de brigade Krukowiecki the Napoleonic Polish page has been created.

The 2nd Uhlans are coming along nicely and the 1/2nd Polish infantry should not be too far behind so the page should be getting some extensions over the next few weeks.

STOP PRESS: The Miller's Tale podcast added to the Links page on 10 January 2019.


16 July 2018

A new unit has been completed - the Saxon 1/Prinz Frederich August Infantry Regiment. It has joined its fellow Saxon units on the Napoleonic Saxons page. The very same page also displays some uprated text on the Saxons.

The Napoleonic Austrian page welcomes images and text of/for the Deutsch-Banat Grenz Regiment.


29 July 2018

The Saxon Jäger Korps have arrived to bolster the Napoleonic Saxons of von Peter himself ... albeit at a Company strength. You can view them on the Napoleonic Saxons page.

Peter Bunde's Brigade Uniform Plates added to the Links page.

STOP PRESS: And Jimbibblyblog added to the Links page on 30 July 2018.

09 February 2019

Several changes since the last notification ...

On the Links page a new section for period specific Associations, Societies and suchlike. Also added Marauder Moments to the Wargamers Sites section.

Rearranged the Army Inspections page and added more detail as to why things are they way they are.

Added the 2nd Uhlans to the Napoleonic Polish page ... though all is not as well as it could be! Sob!!