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I am happily afflicted with that mysterious hobby of wargaming. This site is a reflection of that affliction. Have a look around and enjoy ... and perhaps even be a little inspired. There sure are worse ways to spend your leisure time. And I’m hardly biased at all!

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And then there is one very important link not (currently?!) available at the top of each screen. Orders of the Day is my longish running Blog. Being a Blog it will normally be updated more often as a news and chatty locale. Conversely it is intended that this site will be used as an orderly quasi archive. Updates to this site that are considered significant - whatever that means! - will be notified on the Orders of the Day Blog. We shall see how this all works out in practice!!

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9 February 2018

There have been erratic and sneaky little additions and amendments ever since the last official update. Such changes are just too small to warrant a notification here. Such guerrilla activity will continue.

The big news that does warrant a mention here is that construction of the Links page has commenced. And additions are ongoing.

20 December 2017

A bunch of pictures "slopped" onto the Napoleonic Prussian page while I was in the process of "slopping" other pictures into the site. One day they'll get some captions. Hopefully!

The Napoleonic Prussian page is accessed from the Army Inspections page.


28 December 2017

The build continues ... mostly to the Napoleonic Russian page which is accessed from the Army Inspections page.


4 March 2018

A precious few hours were found for a photo session. The result has been additions to the Napoleonic Austrian and Prussian pages and the replacement of a sub par picture on the Napoleonic Russian page. You can get at these pages from the Army Inspections section.  

More links have been added to the Links page. Links will continue to be added on a sporadic basis.


3 April 2018

A new chapter has been added to The son & heirs section - "The son & heirs 40K & 30K" or "The 40K &/or 30K - science fiction the Games Workshop way - Phase". Access can be gained via "The son & heirs" main page.  

A bunch more links have been added to the Links page. All / some / none may be of use. Links will continue to be added albeit at a diminished rate.

Some of the Napoleonic armies pages - accessed from Army Inspections - have had enhancements.