von Peter himself

Napoleonic French

Because von Peter himself is collecting the Saxons of the 1813 campaign it seemed natural to base his French on the French order of battle of the same Corps - General de division Reynier’s VII Corps.

The figures are from Calpe Miniatures and are the epitome of that fashionable campaign look. Calpe sculpt their figures as they would have looked in the field, not in theoretical parade ground attire. It is to be admitted that there are far more Frenchmen in the unpigmented figure pile than there are painted. Their time will come.

von Peter’s painting. Flags - when some get raised! - are sourced from GMB Designs.


The current directive is that there be an overall commander for the French and their allies. And it is imperative that said commander speak with a French accent because that's the way le petite emperor likes it. Keeps the 'allies' from getting ideas above their station.

For now this role is being ably filled by the French pack F18 Regimental headquarters as supplied by Calpe Miniatures ...

          Four figure pack. Regimental headquarters. Mounted colonel, mounted major, adjutant NCO and fusilier standing to attention.

While a regimental command fills this role adequately for now it is anticipated that eventually some French general and supporting figures will be procured to fullfil this CinC role for the French and allies. This command stand will then move down the command structure to command a brigade or regiment of Frenchmen.

von Peter himself is well satisfied with the way these figures came out individually and work together as a group. The major's shako is a particular favourite with its combination of a silver and a gold band around the top.

The idea of posing them with the Russian buildings was unintentionally inspired as the colours seem to all come together nicely ... at least to the authors eyes.