von Peter himself

Army Inspections

At its simplest and most honest this section is all about the flaunting of toy armies. The researching, collecting and occasional use of these armies has providing many MANY hours of joy to von Peter himself. Just ask the good Fraulien von Peter herself if you don't believe these words! It is hoped that you may also derive some pleasure from these same armies of toys.

To the knowledge of von Peter himself none of these armies is yet complete. Wargaming is like that really.

As units or figures are completed and added to the various collections then the aim is to update them here on these pages.

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28mm Napoleonics

Anecdotally Napoleonic gamers come with a strong wiff of the megalomania about them. von Peter's biggest collection of figures is his 28mm Napoleonics. Surprise!

And rather than restrict himself to one or maybe two armies von Peter himself has ... well ... more than one or two! Why restrict oneself when there are so many great looking armies available? There is even an army partly collected but as yet no figures have been painted.

The 1813 liberation of Germany campaign is a favourite. Historically both sides win and both sides loose and there are plenty of national armies trudging around central Europe.

In the main the armies have been built based on actual orders of battle (oob) from the period after the summer armistice albeit from differing dates. They are not necessarily gamed as per the historic oob but it soothes the brain of von Peter himself to collect them this way.

Each army tends to be sourced from a single manufacturer and painted by a single painter so as to retain an internal consistency that von Peter himself finds pleasing. For consistency across the armies figures from Calpe Miniatures and Front Rank Figurines are favoured. They mix together well being of a similar stature, von Peter himself likes the sculpts, they are cleanly cast, and von Peter himself finds them easier to paint than some of the competing product lines.


von Peter’s first love of things Napoleonic teams up with the availability of Calpe Miniatures figures to make one happy gamer.

The good guys ... freeing the Napoleonic world from French tyranny and that Corsican chappy ... one battle at a time ...

You can't have good guys without some bad guys to make them the good guys ... the French and their minions ...


Resplendent in their cornflower blue and helmets von Peter himself presents his Bavarians.


One might expect the Austrian army to present as a mass of bland whiteness but one would be mistaken.


The avenging angels out of the east present a most pleasing vision on the table top.


Can you collect Napoleonics and not collect the French? von Peter himself did so for many years but then Calpe Miniatures started to release their French and the die was cast.


The later Saxon Army is surely one of the most pretty - in a manly way you understand - Napoleonic armies. At least that's the opinion of von Peter himself.