von Peter himself

Napoleonic Russians

von Peter's Prussians, Bavarians, Saxons and French all have an order of battle based on formations in the 1813 Army of the North or the French armies that fought them. It seemed perfectly natural to von Peter himself to likewise select the bulk of his Russian formations from amongst those Russians in the 1813 Army of the North. The inevitable kuirassiere brigade and grenadiers will need to be sourced from the Army of Bohemia ... because that's where they were located!

The figures are a mix of Front Rank Miniatures and Wargames Foundry. Current plans stipulale that any future purchases will be from Front Rank - especially from their latest Russian Reinforcement Packs & Sets.

Greater Queeg - aka Brent Watterson - is the official pigment applier for all things Napoleonic Russian for von Peter himself. The flags are from GMB Designs.

24th Division - Generalmajor Vuich

After an exhaustive selection process which meant reviewing not only the Russian divisions in the Army of the North but also the participation of those divisions in the 1812 campaign the 24th Division was adjudicated as selected. It is therefore with great pleasure that von Peter himself presents his Russian 24th Division circa 1813 as currently recruited.

Command of the division is with Generalmajor Vuich. He is doffing his bicorne to a senior officer who in turn is about to doff his own before reporting in. Vuich's ever present adjutant sits at his shoulder while a cossack scans the surroundings for any potential trouble. Unfortuately Grenadier Demitri is past caring about whatever may trouble the 24th Divison and its commander.

Being the great man that he is Generalmajor Vuich of course has a cast of supporting characters on his staff. A couple of well born officers have been persuaded to act as ADCs - one a senior officer and the second from the Garde Cossacks.

And then there is Father Disputin. A true fire and brimstone caretaker of the Lords flock who has come away from 1812 with a true hostility of the heathen French ... ... ... and most all other foreigners as well! Not quite as well known as his infamous descendent Rasputin.

Brigade of Colonel Zwarikin

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