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The son & heir's 40K & 30K

The Son & heir and some of his more suspect friends have a thing for Games Workshop's 40K science fiction game. For those not in the know 40K is the standard setting for the game. 30K refers to the time 10K years earlier made famous by the schism of the Horus Heresy when some of the Imperial troops were tempted by the temptations of Chaos and made their ultimately unsuccessful bid to kill the Emperor and take over the imperial universe.

Night Lords - 30K

If I have this right ... the Night Lords had long been a problem Space Marine Chapter due to their overly robust methods. At the time of the Horus Heresy they turned out for Horus who would be Emperor and in doing so became one of the so called traitor legions. However they were less drawn to Chaos than some and perhaps ended up where they were due to their bad boy antics and falling out of favour with the sitting Emperor an his regime. In many ways they ended up fighting for their own reasons and benefits as much as those of Chaos.

While reading the copious books available from the Black Library on the Horus Heresy The son & heir developed a disturbing interest in the Night Lords and their Primarch Konrad Curze.

The son & heir's Night Lords are from the 30K universe.

The son & heir will need to proof read and correct the preceding!

Konrad Curze - Primarch of the Night Lords

The son & heir's surely unhealthy fascination with the Night Lords was not as well a kept secret as it probably should have been! With this knowledge some friends banded together to buy the Forge World resin kit of Konrad Curze as a birthday present. The son & heir was delighted with the gift and worked on it during his Christmas break.

The photos date from March 2018.