von Peter himself

Napoleonic Saxons

von Peter himself has long been a fan of the later Saxon Army of the Napoleonic Wars. Way back as a teenager he remembers trying to repurpose Miniature Figurine figures into Saxon fusiliers and the Leib Garde Kuirassieres.

The 24th (Saxon) Division of Generallieutenant Lecoq from General de Division Reynier’s VII Corps provides the order of battle for what will be the bulk of von Peter's Saxons. Of course there will be other bits and pieces as well.

The figures are from Calpe Miniatures slowly growing range of (surprise!) Saxons.

von Peter’s painting is inflicted upon the figures which deserve better. Flags are sourced from GMB Designs.

Above: the 1st battalion of the Prinz Maximilian Infantry Regiment advance through a village somewhere* in Saxony 1813.

* The 'somewhere' is classified information. The Allies may be listening you know. A-ha-ha!

There was but one battalion of the Prinz Maximilian Infantry Regiment - the first. Yellow facings with brass buttons.

A single battalion - the second - represented the von Rechten Infantry Regiment. Yellow facings with white metal buttons.