von Peter himself

Napoleonic Prussians

The first and favourite Napoleonic army for von Peter himself. The aim is the recreation of Generalmajor Hessen-Homburg's 3rd Brigade of Generallieutenant Bulow’s 3rd Corps from the 1813 campaign ... with the addition of some Corps assets.

Except for several medical figures the collection is exclusively from Calpe Miniatures. If there is a more comprehensive range out there then von Peter himself has yet to see it. The premier 28mm Napoleonic Prussian range in this authors opinion ... but von Peter himself is totally smitten, biased and a self confessed Calpe zealot!  He loves his Calpe Miniatures.

von Peter’s painting with the exception of some of the horses and the artillery gun barrels by Craig W. Flags from GMB Designs.

The images below have been added but the accompanying text is in the future ... somewhere!

3rd Brigade

Prussian Brigades of 1813 were quite big beasts - more like a French Division. The 3rd Prussian Brigade comprised ...

               ●︎ 2nd East Prussian Grenadier Battalion *

               ● 4th Infantry Regiment (3rd East Prussian) *

               ● 4th Reserve Infantry Regiment

               ● 4th East Prussian Landwehr Infantry Regiment

               ● 1st Leib Hussar Regiment *

               ● 6 pdr Foot Battery #6

* these units had freiwillige (volunteer) jager attached.


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