von Peter himself

The son & heir's

The son & heir's first painted figure

A Games Workshop Boar Boy from June 2007

Many years ago Fraulien von Peter herself half jokingly confessed that her nightmare scenario would be von Peter himself and The son & heir sitting next to each other at a desk painting their wargaming figures. Oh how we laughed!

Though we may not paint whilst sitting next to each other the spirit of that vision has come to pass. The son & heir is a wargamer.

Annoyingly The son & heir is of an artistic bent so though he does not sit down and paint that often when he does he is fast and effective. Most annoying!

Much more pleasing is the fact that The son & heir seems to be no more focussed in his collecting than his famous sire. The cult of the shiny is truly strong within him so disbursements from him or on his behalf into the hobby economy are well spread across a number of suppliers. Variety is the spice of life after all.

The Napoleonic Phase

Possibly because he was young and impressionable and probably because there was much Napoleonic collecting and gaming happening around him The son & heir developed an interest in Napoleonics. But dang if there isn't a lot of different colours to apply to each figure and what's with all that piping and how many figures do you need for a unit?! The Napoleonic collecting has gone in fits and starts

The damned rebel, errr ... American Civil War Phase

Bizarrely The son & heir is quite keen on some American sports, ie. gridiron and ice hockey. So - to draw a somewhat "long bow"! - it was not a huge surprise that at the commencement of a local ACW project he jumped in with a gusto. Also not surprising was his choice to collect the bad guys aka the dirty reb's aka the Confederacy.  😃

The 40K &/or 30K  - science fiction the Games Workshop way - Phase

Boys will be boys and so the The son & heir and some of his more suspect friends collect, play and revel in the expansive "fluff" behind Games Workshop's science fiction game 40K ... &/or 30K.