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von Peter himself shares some of his treasured links.

As is the way in the transcient world that is the internet one cannot rely on what is here and present today will still be there and present tomorrow. Apologies in advance if a link is presented but now no longer works. All that von Peter himself can offer up in compensation is the cold comfort statement that the link worked when it was added. Maintenance of the links will be undertaken ... however sporadically that may be.

This page is very much in a slowly building phase.

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Figure Manufacturers

A listing of favoured and / or collected figure manufacturers in alphabetic order.

von Peter's favourite manufacturer of 28mm Napoleonic figures. As at time of typing Calpe make Prussian, French & Saxon ranges all from the later end of the wars. Absolutely no one that von Peter himself is aware of comes close to covering a topic with the number of figure options that Calpe do.

Peter F. runs Calpe as a one man band from research, through range design, figure sculpting, mould mastering and making, casting, fulfilling orders and dealing with customer queries. He is a busy man.

Don't overlook the "Guides & Research" section on the Calpe website. It is a gem.

Disclosure notice: von Peter himself is a self confessed Calpe zealot!

Perry Miniatures is the commercial front end of the Perry twins - Alan & Michael - miniatures empire. The output of the twins is astounding and their products inspire deep loyalty amongst their many fans. Multiple 28mm ranges are produced in metal and hard plastic. They'll even sell you some terrain pieces. They also sell their 8mm Travel Battle self contained gaming system, 40mm Peninsular and Border Reaver ranges, and even the occasional book.

The twins also have a reasonably active Facebook page.

Front Rank Figurines 28mm ranges include medieval, late 17th century, 18th century (Seven Years War), Napoleonics. A 40mm American War of Independence range is also available. They tend to not skimp on their ranges ... though limbers and caissons for the Napoleonic nationalities other than France and Britain would be nice. Hint hint!.

The turnaround of orders is normally best in class and the casting quality is great with very little cleanup required.

What von Peter himself doesn't get from Calpe Miniatures for his Napoleonic collections normally comes from Front Rank. They also provide the SYW collections.

Wargames Foundry have been around in one incarnation or another for a long time. During the younger years of von Peter himself they were probably the premier miniature manufacturer of historic figures ... so yes, they have been around in one incarnation or another for a long L-O-N-G time.

Over that period they amassed a mind boggling number of ranges with some of those ranges sculpted by well known and respected sculptors, eg. the Perry twins. But on the downside over the intervening years figures have creeped up in size so many of the Foundry ranges are 25mm in size whereas many competing and younger ranges are now 28mm in size. This may or may not be a problem.

They also sell the Foundry Paint System which basically provides paints as triads of three shades of a colours - from darker to lighter. von Peter himself has never purchased a Foundry paint let alone used the Foundry Paint System.

AB Figures boasts a large and slowly growing 18mm Napoleonic range, a more limited 18mm Ancients (Sassanids, Romans & Greeks) range, 15 mm American Civil War and a still growing 20mm WWII range. The Napoleonics and WWI ranges are the biggies. They put many 28mm ranges to shame.

Sculpted by Anthony Barton. So where in the world did the name AB Figures came from?!


One should never underestimate the aesthetics of the game. These links may help you out ...

4Ground create many scenic items that are very popular in the market place. Much of their items are cunningly manufactured in wood and von Peter himself has not yet been won over by wooden buildings etc. He is an old fashioned resin guy. So the link provided here will not take you to the 4Ground home page but rather to their Trees page. The trees come in a variety species, a variety of sizes and with wooden (mdf) bases and sabot bases which you can use or just ignore. Importantly for trees that will in all likely hood live a hard life as wargaming terrain they are tough. Not the cheapest trees available but often the cheapest aren't worth the bother.

Melbourne based Eureka Miniatures have a wide variety of ranges historic and otherwise figures ... and some of the otherwise is weird whacky and glorious!

GrandManner make resin terrain. Very nice resin terrain but such quality doesn't come cheap. They used to sell both painted and unpainted pieces but as of early 2018 it is just the painted article to be had. Mostly it is 28mm terrain covering many periods and geographies but there is also 20mm WWII and 40mm AWI/ACW.

Hovels make resin scenery in 28mm, 20mm, 15mm, 1/200 & 1/300 sizes and scales. Cheap and cheerful compared to GrandManner but the product is perfectly serviceable and von Peter himself is pleased to have multiple examples in his collection.


Collecting mighty armies of figures and stunning world creating terrain is all very fine but it is the wargaming rules that puts it all in motion.

David Brown has created the General de Brigade family of rules including the popular Napoleonic pairing of General de Brigade and General d'Armee; Guns at Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge for the ACW; and BattleGroup PanzerGrenadier for WWII. Additionally other authors have picked up his rules mechanisms to create rules for other periods.

Piquet Inc. provides rules, supplements and scenarios across many periods. The card driven mechanisms are a bit out of the ordinary and not for those who like full control in their gaming but they have provided von Peter himself with many a happy gaming experience. As a bonus the rules can work well for solo or asymmetrical gaming situations.

Forums and news sites

von Peter himself has a theory that separating forums and news sites gets to be a bit troublesome. So he wont bother!


For your easy listening pleasure while painting or walking the dog.


Places of interest on the World Wide Web that just don't fit elsewhere.


Wargamer's sites

This is the last section because it is likely to balloon out to be by far the biggest!

What it says on the tin. Like all such news sites it doesn't catch all the news. None of them do!

Tabletop Gaming News. A lot of what is reported on this site is not von Peter's style. But your tastes may differ.

The Miniatures Page - or TMP - is both a news site and a forum. Life can get a little robust at times but if it's news on historic wargames your after it's probably one of the better sites.

For von Peter himself Meeples & Miniatures is the grand daddy of wargaming podcasts. A new episode every 2 weeks or so and though they're not often talking about topics that von Peter himself holds near and dear it's usually an easy enough listen.

GMB Designs are the official flag makers for von Peter himself.

If they don't make want you want then have a chat. Something might just get arranged.

TwoFatLardies produce a variety of rules, supplements / scenario booklets for those rules and game aids for those same rules. Sharp Practice is one of those rules. As well as their own rules they also run Rewisswitz Press that publishes rules by other authors.

There's a blog and a forum on their site as well as a Yahoo Forum.

But there's more! The TwoFatLardies Oddcast (Podcast) can be found here or alternatively on the TooFatLardies YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel above also houses "how to play" videos on various Lardies rules.

Martin Kelly's blog which sadly has not been updated since 2014. But it is still well worth a nosey. Martin has / had close links to Calpe Towersand could / can turn out a mean figure.

Dressing the Lines is Roly Herman's, aka Arteis's, blog. A local chap here on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. Being a good keen computer as well as wargaming man Roly has several sites on the web on various wargaming subjects. If I can find a listing I'll see if I can add them here ... assuming that listing is not too long!

The world famous moustachioed Kiwi Welshman residing in New Zealand. Valleyboyo seemingly turns out painted figures with the mere twirl of his moustache ... and they are very fine figures that get turned out. Perhaps we should all ditch our sable brushes and get moustache bristle brushes!


Sparker's Wargames Blog. My Dearest Sparkles is an Englishman lost in Australia undoubtedly so as to atone for his many past sins! The catch line for his blog is "BATREP's of our wargaming activities - big battles 'in the Grand Manner' is our aim..." and that probably is all you need to know.

Carlo is man of great taste as proved by his great wargaming collections.

First there was the "With Pyjamas through the Desert" blog to cover his Peter Gilder style gaming in the Sudan. Then there was the brother blog "With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot" to cover all the other wargaming Carlo and his most fortunate mates play.


Musings from The Warp is the web presence of the rather talented Greater Queeg. Amongst his other projects Greater Queeg is the painter of von Peter's Napoleonic Russians though really his forte is probably vehicles. Greater Queeg is not currently taking commissions as his family are sadly having to deal with the illness of their youngest daughter - a struggle I'm sure we all wish them all the best with. It all puts playing with toy soldiers in perspective really.

Total Battle Miniatures make a variety of resin buildings in various scales. They also make them for different types of gaming, ie. Skirmish & Big Battles, where the footprint / scaling of the buildings varies with the type of game. What a great idea. They also make Scenic Tiles which are town, village or farm bases with slots for the standardised buildings to sit in - a great idea.

The Lead Adventure Forum is a long running site which is a credit to all those involved. Many others have imploded and not lasted the distance. Much of interest to be found here from new figures to painting projects to game reports.

Olicanalad's Games illustrates how von Peter himself would like to do his gaming. Sumptuous. There's not much left to say.

The History Book Man produces an ever expanding series of E-books on Napoleonic armies. they contain details on organisation, uniforms and even some history. In the eyes of von Peter himself they are wonderful value for money.

The Terry of terrysgaragegaming is a local gamer who gets his handle from the large games he hosts in his garage usually entertaining hordes of hungry and thirsty gamers. A major mover in the local big game scene

Born in Britain. Grew up in Canda. Currently resides in Japan. Plays with toy soldiers. All seems like a perfectly normal progression to von Peter himself!  

Ahhhhh ... ummmm ... just in case you've forgotten - von Peter himself has a blog as well as this website.

Simon Miller's blog focussing on the ancient - as in Romans and Greeks etc not old and deprecated views! - and medieval aspects of his hobby. You will find details and pictures of his large and photogenic armies of the era, their amassing and the games played with them.

Also here you can access to BigRedBat's Shop selling Simon's To the Strongest! ancients rules, (free) army lists, bases and other gaming paraphernalia.

Simon Miller's English Civil War blog. Lots of ECW porn to see here. Also details of Simon's soon to be released For King and Parliament rules.